Swamp Attack Wiki (episode 1-10)

Jó, jó, nyilván azért lett a címben a "wiki" hogy többen idetaláljanak. Sajna ehhez az egész remek kis androidos játékhoz nincs sehol leírás, pedig miért ne?

Az alap"sztori" az, hogy egy hillbillyvel vagyunk, aki egy toxikusan szennyezett mocsár közepén éldegél, és éppen steaket süt, mikor a környező állatsereglet felfigyel rá, és akkor kezdődnek a bajok:

Kicsit sokat kell grindelni benne, de hát mit tehetünk. Amúgyis valószínűleg bennem van a hiba, mert én a fogyóeszközöket sehol nem szeretem használni, így én általában mindenkinél többet expelek.

És most elnézést, de angolul folytatom:

The story so far: You are some random hgillbilly in The Swamp. One day wild animals start crawling out of the swamp, as well as all kinds of mutant beasts. Later even the aliens arrive. When they, and the local Mad Scientist both fail to conquere the swamp where your hut stands, they make a pact, and start enhancing the local fauna with cybernetic implants. Will you ever be able to just sit back and play your banjo?

The game has 5 modes: story mode, in which you advance you unlock new enemies, and new items for free, which can be unlocked for coins earlier if you invest into them. There is also Quick Game mode, where from a slot-machine you gan equipment for that particular go, and you can't use your standard equipment. The third mode is the "Hellish Levels", for what you can replay the Story Mode, where the same type of monsters are allowed as normally, although in much greater numbers, but the reward is also highly incrised.
There is an easter-egg for Quick Game mode: if you don't get any standard weapon, only specials from the Slot Machine, your character will still have something in his hands, what he can even use!
The developers added a "mulitplayer" option, which uses slot machine for the item side, and must find active players/computers? with internet connection, but the fight is done against an AI. I think here you can grind from bronze to gold, but whatever.
The newest addition is the Challenge Mode, where the equipments are set, and given to you at the start, nothing is carried over from the normal game. It is pure Pay To Win scenario, so there goes the two newest "free unlock explosives".


Shotgun: unlimited ammo in limited barrel. Barrel can be extended to 12 rounds. As well as all other weapons it can be upgraded 6 times (to lvl 7), and first must be bought, just like the specials, after you unlocked it!
Uzi: this weapon SPREADS bullets, and can be used precisely in close combat. Unfortunately it is almost useless for its spread at great range, damn those rats! Maximum bullets are 416.
M16: it can deal good damage per bullet at any length, advised to use on greater range though. It is far from the speed of the Uzi, so when the enemy is close, this weapon is not that good. Maximum number of bullets you can store for it is 240.
Flamethrower: burning effect on masses, and I think there's direct damage too. Maximum bullets: 300
Crossbow: Deals substantial damage, but reload is VERY slow. Also although it passes through every enemy in its way it needs some practice, as it is shot diagonally. Maximum bullets:16
Alien Gun: similar to the flamethrower, but only deals instant damage, and in a specified (= small) area. Very-very weak at base level when you gain it naturally, and it will always eat bullet like they grow on trees. Also, despite being "electric" does not effect underwater creatures. It's only speciality is that whatever it hits it is "stunned", aka. can not move or attack. Maximum ammo: 300.
Blob-thrower: Practically a highly updated flamethrower, meaning it burns things. Only this is a single-target weapon, and deals massive damage. Use short bursts. Maximum ammo: 200.
RPG: the most disappointing weapon in the game. It practically makes just small flame-bursts. Way not enough damage. Maximum ammo: 10.
Minigun: can only be unlocked by coins, so as soon as you can afford, do it, independently where you are in the story, because it rocks on UFO-levels (and it is strong if you can't solve a level otherwise). This is THE most expensive weapon in the entire game. Its spread is always a problem, AND it eats bullets like no tomorrow, so use it only against crowds. Maximum ammo: 1000. The Blob-thrower is probably better though.

revolver: only appears in multiplayer, and challenge levels. Extra fast reload speed, ok damage.

Explosives, aka. special weapons:
All of these you can have upgraded to level 5. You can choose a maximum of 4 type for any mission.

Dynamite: a one-time explosion. Can 1HKO a turtle, or destroy a flok of mosquitos. Also good for instant damage against anything.Maximum ammo: 20
Molotov: your first weapon of mass-destruction. Should be invested into this as soon as possible. Damage over time effect. This, and anything that cause burning, immediatelly disables freezing effect. Seems the damage is strongest/longest lasting in the central of explosion. Unknown wether burning effects can stack or not. Maximum ammo: 20
Fridge: it stops any enemy for a period of time on the whole screen if you put it in the middle. Unfortunately it distinguishes burning effect. Maximum ammo: 20
Oil can: you can put this down, and blow it up when you feel up to it - or when you accidentally hit it. Feels to have the same power as Molotov Cocktail. So it is not that good. Also blows up if a mine blows up, or contacts acid rain (so don't throw it when acid rain is running). Note: it IS possible to blast it in mid-air by shooting it. Maximum ammo: 20
Battery: slows and damages everything around it for a period. Can effect even underwater creatures, and flying ones if they get close enough. The damage is cumulative. A warning though: the electric shock can slowly push monsters through Stop Signs! Maximum ammo: 20
Acid rain: damages with DoT everything on screen, causing a kind of Burning Effect, so it completely negates the Fridge's effectiveness. Lasts a long time.The drawback is, it can only hit the "upmost" monster, so if large crowd is coming, it is not perfect. Maxium ammo: 20
Stop Sign: puts down a traffic sign what remains until eaten. Can create a massive group, give time etc. Just don't rely it too hard. Oh, and it does not stop underwater creatures. Removes containers from monsters (oil cans, boxes etc.). Maximum ammo: 20
Scarecrow: it pushes back the enemy line. Exists for a period.
Pig Roll: it pushes back the enemy line and does some damage. Probably. Rolls through and out of the screen.
Airstrike: big pile of crap. It throws a bunch of bombs from left to right, but they tend to stuck up in mosquitos, what makes the whole thing highly questionable. Maximum ammo: 10
Beehive: now this is interesting. You throw a beehive to the air, but only the bees remain. They hang around for a time, attacking anything on the screen one-by-one flying from one to the next. It does not make multikills, but are definitely convenient, and I suspect they are not suck into vacuum cleaners. Maximum ammo: 10
Piano: a one-target weapon. I mean it hits anything, but only under it. Suggested against bosses, but there they are convenient (especially in World 7 to start with) . Maximum ammo: 5.
Stinky: unlocks with coin. Damage over time effect to anything in water, but not the monsters on the far right. Does practically nothing on basic level, so upgrade it fast after unlocking. Seems no effect on machines (world 7+). Maximum ammo: 20
A-bomb: unlocks with coin. Instantly damages anything what is currently on screen, and deals some burning effect after it. Not enough effective on lower levels, at lvl 2 it only destroys half the HP of a normal turtle. Maximum ammo: 1. Try this on UFO-levels though.

Some are defensive, some are offensive, but all are passive, and useful.
You can bring with you any 2 helpers for any mission. If they "die", they'll be there the next time you take a mission.

Wood: some graphic update (boarded windows) and more HP for the house. Maximum upgrade: 3.
Cousin Roy: damages insects (and other flying creatures?). Very useful to have, although a bit expensive to upgrade, but you should, as only on lvl 2 it destroys mosquitos at one hit. Maximum upgrade: 4.
Barricades: again some minor additional graphic and more HP to the house. Does not give barricade, or at least not to the front. Maximum upgrade: 3.
Spikes: minor additional graphic, and any enemy who is in melee range will be damaged slowly. Even with max upgrade the damage isn't great, but still might be able to kill that last monster you ran out of ammo for. Maximum upgrade: 3.
Metal: noticeable additional graphic and more HP. Maximum upgrade: 3.
Oil Barrel: slows enemies as they get closer to your house. Maximum upgrade: 5. Not sure of the distance it starts to effect (maybe the oil-trail tells in the water), and the monsters get ever slower as they get ever nearer. This goo only effects movement speed, and has absolutely no effect on their attack-speed.
Aunt Misty: melee helper. As you can only have 2 helper (aside Cousine Roy, lol) I suggest do not bother.
Neighbour Bud: Ranged helper. He rocks with his shotgun. The effect exponensially noticeable with at least 3 ranks.
Bear: Ranged helper. Throws around molotovs. Pretty useful help when his sequence does not mash with Neighbour Bud's sequence when Neighbour Bud will shoot and thus make useless all coctails (bug?).
Uncle Joe: as long as monsters are away, with large period throws a brick and removes a helmet (single target attack). If anything is close, it gets melee.
Mine: unlocks with coins. Blows up when the first creature touches it. Placed randomly from 3 possible places (so if you have max upgrade, they are fixed). Maximum number of mines: 3 As it blows up for the first touch it isn't that useful, but still nice. Can create large multikill. Maximum upgrade: 5. You yourself can not activate your own mine.


- gold: spent in shop
- chili: makes your shotgun reloads substantialy faster. You get 5 of these on the first challenge-level, try to preserve them. CAN be found randomly in boxes, at least I found one once, but it is a Pay To Win item mostly.
- decanter: if you consume it, you are allowed to continue the level you otherwise lost. As the circumstance usualy means you're out of ammo, I never even tested this option. Can be gained as a weekly (5 days) ultimate daily reward. 
Tip: here is a person using decanters up:




- Bosses: The Giant Beaver and Mosquito Queen become regular monster later for some levels and quick missions. Otherwise they are unique. Mostly they just have immense HP, but are just like the regular monsters. Episode 3 boss' thrown cans can provide extra cash if you have the patience and time (I advise against it). Episode 6 is VERY strong, don't mind throwing everything and the kitchen sink on it, else it'll kill you (seems it uses Stinky).
- crocodile: low HP, melee. The basic cannonfodder unit.
- turtle: slow high-HP monster which at low HP becomes fast. Only appear in the first episodes (no helmet-version).
- beaver: high HP melee monster with good damage. Plan your moves according to the situation.
- purple mutant: high HP melee monster. No helmets, but of course can have energy bubble. Annoying.
- green blob: high-HP melee monster whichsplits in two at 50% HP. This extinguishes fire if they were burning, so plan your moves accordingly.
- racoon: they ride a dynamite rod which explodes on contact. The basic ones die from one shot of the rifle, the helmet-ones likely not worththe trouble shooting them out. Use Stop Sign when they arrive en-masse.
- "hedgehog", at least the program calls them that. They are those giant greyish/creamish furballs with lots of HP and the same kamikaze-attitude of the racoons (when they reach your house they deal a one-time moderate damage than disappear). They are immun to Stinky. They are actually a higher-HP version of racoons, but has no helmet-variety.
- A-bomb alien: this bugger actually carries a nuclear warhead and tries to hit you on the head in melee. Mid-HP enemy, can appear in solo or low size groups. As 3 can completly destroy a Stop Sign better try to dispose as many of them as possible by other means. Has no protection ever, lucky you.
- mosquito: low HP flying ranged unit, appears in group. Because of their number they canbe dangerous, especially if they're covered in energy-bubble.
- iron mosquito: whatever this thing is, it is a high-HP ranged monster which fortunatelly appears mostly solo, or atleast low in numbers. Get Cousine Roy to deal with 'em.
- alien with ufo: these one-pilot-only saucers have high HP, are ranged, and appear in group. Better cause an acidic rain whenyou see them or something.
- firefly: dangerous as fuck. It is at least mid-HP creature, which will burn your house if contacting causing high damage over time. Same damage from each creature, independent of their actual HP on contact. Appears in group. Very very dangerous.
- rat: it has a rifle, and moves when shot. Can bump into your first mine. Can be a problem in numbers, especially the helmet-variety.
- weasel: they use bombs which burn your house, similar to molotov-bowines. Maybe they appear from the sky as opossum and can hide underwater as commando-alien? Don't have much HP though.
- rocket skunk and cocktail-bovine: they always have massive HP, and are ranged. Usually don't come in big groups, but use something other than your shotgun if you can.
- commando-alien: they arrival can be seen by small patterns in the water.
- piranha: melee monsters which jumps in-and-out of the water. Tiny in size. Can appear in group. Try to get the sequence and you can kill them with shotgun.
- vaccum alien: can suck up any explosive which appears as an item before taking effect. This also means mines (defensive stuff) and A-bombs. Aside this, not very dangerous in itself.
- opossum: falls into the water from the sky. Otherwise not much. Melee.
- Transportation rocket: transports troops in groups like they were opossum. Potentially dangerous. Can not be shot down before landing as far as I can tell, although A-bombs seem to destroy them while falling (counts as +1 to the multikills counter).
NOTE: during the Challenge levels it seems they CAN be shot down.
- Tin Can: they are actually shields for monsters. The Tin Can must either be destroyed, or the monster stopped, when the Tin Can-shield falls off. To stop a Tin Canned monster it must either reach your house, or be stopped by a Stop Sign. The Stop Sign does not get damaged by stopping a Tin Can. When the Tin Can falls off, the monster inside will appear of full health (the monster cann ot be boss). If the Tin Can is destroyed by a Mine, both the Tin Can and the monster inside it gets destroyed. Tin Cans can not be burned. Also appears as Cargo Crate.
- flies (big fat grey hairy bugs flying around): they are both a course and a gift, as they can not damage you, but. First let's mention after a period they do fly away. Not sure if then you gain any coins from them. The more serious issue is, that they eat your consumables (special weapons). Well, at least they try. If they are far enough (like at least middle of the screen), and you throw your stuff close enough (like right in front of you), the effect might just happen. If the fly eats your stuff, it flies away, so if you NEED to dispose of the very few flies, but can't wait on Roy, AND you rolled a hugh amount of dynamites or something, you might try to "throw"those before the big stuff.
- cargo-ufo: the ufo-level specials which drop special weapons when shot. Seems to be absolutely immun to  flame (flamethrower for example), and surly the easiest way to shoot it down (might be the only one, I did not experiment with this just to figure it out) hitting it with the shotgun.
- machines: the "makes enemy faster" thingy should be delt with ASAP. The vacuum-cleaner should be taken notice. Power-enchancer canbe criticalif there are lightbugs (or massive amount of flyers) around. They seem to be uneffected by Stinky.
- boars: has a flying and a swimming variety. Deal ok damage. Nothing special.
- blue ooze: it does what the green variety, but can split multiple times. This means it has insane HP.
- concerete mixer: it gatlings at you dinamites. this is a cheap unit for the AI, but at least has somewhat low HP.
- hippo: melee unit. Has high HP.

helmet variety of monsters have more HP and suffer less damage until their helmet is shotdown (appears randomly, or at 10% HP).
energy bubble adds more HP and protects monsters from burning effect. Can be eliminated fast by energy weapons (battery and alien blaster) although usually not worth the special attention.


Destroying a group of monsters by one hit incrises the coins you gain.
There are only a limited amount of stuff you can do a multikill with, namely:
- shotgun
- dynamite
- A-bomb
- mine
(maybe oil can too)


Multiplayer mode:

- Every time 3 possible monsters are gambled, used by both sides.
- Above the 3 monsters birds are incoming. Shoot them to gain eggs. If you do not shoot them  in time, they'll damage your house.
- Eggs disappear after a time.
- Eggs must be picked up one by one. You cannot swipe-pick-all.
- Maximum eggs are 30.
- If you win, you gain back the spent energy-charge and can keep on playing, meaning this is an ok option to gain extra cash.
- Can match agains AI or friend. Later option I did not try, it is either just scoring the points and you actually fight an AI just with your friend's name on it (and its scores) or maybe it's real.



episode 1: melee
episode 2: ranged, spwans mosquitos until low on HP
episode 3: ranged. It's projectiles can be shot before hit for a small amount of money.
episode 4: ranged. Helpers can't harm it. Spanws ufos.
episode 5: ranged
episode 6: attacks with stinky? You NEED firepower! For Hellish Mode I've neeed 5 piano, 9 acid rain, 9 stinky, 10 battery, and full magazines of blobthrower and alien blaster - that's how though it is.
episode 7: machine which combines all machines which appear as regular monster, although maybe does not suck away your items.
episode 8: machine (so Stinky does not work on it) with offensive capabilities. Not that problematic though.
episode 9: a boar with a machinegun. Nothing special. Kamikaze units appear, so bring stop signs.
episode 10: the boss has 3 parts: 2 minigun and a body. After destroying the two minigun, it attacks with a raygun. Only the "body" is effected by flame DoT. Constant rain, and batteries are demanded. On Hellish Difficulty massive rainof massive firepower is suggested: bring the shotgun, blob thrower, and rocket launcher (use this on the nearest part ASAP), plus acid rain, beehive, battery. Possible stinky. Make your explosives rain on the boss constantly.

Lategame notes:

shotgun: you can not dispose of it, so use it to single out monsters at the wrong place.
uzi: only have place in quick games, shooting at mass amount of mosquitos, or if you want to spare ammo of big guns use it as finishing-move against high-hp gourps which you almost-killed by the more powerful weapons.
M16: also lacks firepower lategame. Still good to single out ranged monsters hiding in groups, or blasting oil cans.
flamethrower: very powerful. Kills anything what walks on feet. Try to avoid it using against flying or underwater creatures.
crossbow: tactical weapon against crowds. Also deals large damage, so if you are sure there is only the boss left, use it on it.
alien gun: despite its hunger of ammo it seems essential in adventure mode against mass amount of ranged/flying enemies with its stunning.
minigun: use short bursts, or move around your finger a lot if using.
dynamite: only good to cause multikill of mosquitos
molotov coctail: lacks damage to have real use against lategame enemies. Tactical use in quick games.
fridge: entirely useless. You might want to use it two ways: if you decide to max it, it can help you dispose the very last group without suffering any damage. Or you can only rise it to lvl 2, and drop it when the wave gets near to a mine. Than they'll blow up with the incoming next wave - good tactical use in quickgames, but meh.
oil can: meh.
battery: this all-around stuff can't compete with specialised equipment. Still, it hits all three type of creatures (swimmers, walkers, flyers), so keep it at hand.
acid rain: while not the best thing to do burning effect, it is the thing which can free you from fliers. Make 2 running the same time, and THAT burns stuff quickly.
stop sign: good to create large multikill in quick games, but in adventure-mode its main use is to dispose the infinite number of kamikaze-units (racoons, hedgehogs, A-bomb aliens...). Also can be used as last resource to prevent melee stuff to hit you.
stinky: whatever is in the swamp, it kills it.
A-bomb: the maximum 1 stored rule limits its usefullness. But in UFO-levels you can use up The Bomb and get it immediatelly replaced if lucky, and that time it rocks. Keep in mind it has a maximum monsters to evaporate (the upgrade extends that number, that's what it does).
mine: they are essential to dispose as many heavily armoured lategame creatures as possible.
Blob-thrower: simply The Best weapon currently in the game.
If All Else Fails: some hardcore levels are cost more than you can profit. They are hard, and exist to give bragging-right/achievement. If you simply run out of ideas, you still don't have to spend real money on revival-flasks, just pour out your coins. You can make run simultanously Stinky + Acid Rain + Battery + Beehive, and shotting with whatever you have on you. That'll deal insane damage on enemies that are slowed. If needed, you tank up from those (usually you only need either Stinky or Acid Rain along Battery, Beehive works as emergency addition too), and drop out the charges continuously. I bet you'll win every time (than go and grind back the coins).
Scarecrow: it is a bit similar to Stop Sign meaning it holds up the enemy. But this does not eliminate kamikazes, so you still need something to eliminate the enemy. Combine it with stinky or battery if used. With this the game actualy develops some kinda situational choices for a couple of items. Someare too useful overal, so are permachoices, but point given when earned.
Pig Roll: it gives a nice feeling, there's just one problem: it goes in 1 line, while there are 2-3 possible lines for the enemy, so it's a gamble,especialyin the heat of the battle.Won't be my favourite.
Uncle Joe: does not interfer with the other characters, and removing the helmet can be a as good as a mass minor damage, or even better. Isupport this choice.


If you need more cash lategame, the UFO-level just before the level you aquire Neighbour Bud is a safe and reliable way to gain 1,200-1,500 gold per run.
Early Grinding:  Invest into your shotgun, because that fires for free, and do whatever level you can just with that. Later, when you'll get the Battery you'll have more range, but until that it can feel true grinding.

New episodes:

Seems the game get new episodes every half year.
I'm not sure where they want to continue, for me it seems the game reached its limit, as you know, you can only deal out so many damage, and most of the updates just give more armor to the monsters.


you might want to carry as few item-type as possible so you get what you actually need from the ufos shot down. This means you probably should pack A-bomb, stinky and/or acid rain, and blob-thrower.
Another problem aside that you start with only your shotgun (you DID pack the shotgun, right?) that the cargo-ufos appear fixed, and can appear only after a period, so it is not a good idea to pack only the A-bomb, but carry something more to stash some equipment for the time the enemy does, but the ufo does not appear.
This is especially a though job for Episode 8 Level 20, where massive amount of ufo-aliens appear all at once (along some walkers) in waves. The only solution is nuke them, nuke them from the orbit (aka. as soon as you see them appear). That level is almost unfair, but there are worse as far as I can see (like those levels where massive groups of fireflies appear along commando-aliens and more over and over and over...).


Level Titles:

1-1 Such a nice evening (message: Again that sound... What is that?)
1-2 Let's rock
1-3 Danger from the swamp
1-4 Raccoon on board!
1-5 We come in peace (ufo level)
1-6 Monster tsunami
1-7 There are so many
1-8 Sub-Zero
1-9 A different kind of a rat problem
1-10 The Y-files (ufo level)
1-11 Metalheads
1-12 Oh my god, it's full of monsters
1-13 It's a trap!
1-14 More?
1-15 Unidentified flying saucer (ufo level)
1-16 Turtle power
1-17 Crocodile apocalypse (message - regular at all level before a boss-level: I smell the boss coming)
1-18 Chainsaw massacre (boss: giant beaver)
2-1 There's something in the air
2-2 Endless flow
2-3 Tasty weapons
2-4 In the air tonight
2-5 UFO (ufo level)
2-6 300! This is Swamp! (message: will they ever leave me alone?)
2-7 Something's fishy
2-8 Sleepwalkers
2-9 No sleep tonight
2-10 We cme again! (ufo level)
2-11 Crocodyle cataclysm
2-12 Hedgehog day out (this is the firstlevel your helper can't win in themselves)
2-13 The rat is back
2-14 Doomsday
2-15 Unexplained flying discs (ufo level)
2-16 Just getting started
2-17 The angry beaver
2-18 Mosquito queen (message: Congratulations!)
3-1 Shall we begin? (for all episode 3 levels exploding barrels are thrown at your hose. They can be shot to prevent damage)
3-2 Another day
3-3 I like turtles
3-4 Beaver apocalypse
3-5 Monsters! Call home (ufo level)
3-6 The walking barrel
3-7 My precious swamp
3-8 They're here
3-9 There's no place like swamp
3-10 The truth is out there (ufo level)
3-11 Go ahead, make my day
3-12 I see swamp monsters
3-13 We don't negotiate with monsters
3-14 Highly explosive (message: There's no end in sight!)
3-15 Extraterrestrial objects (ufo level)
3-16 Forbidden swamp
3-17 I'm the king of the swamp!
3-18 Swamp monster
4-1 Swamp vs aliens
4-2 Swamp odyssey
4-3 Battle: swamp
4-4 Species 8473
4-5 Battle in outer swamp (ufo level)
4-6 Close encounters
4-7 The day the swamp stood still
4-8 The deadly swamp
4-9 District 9.2
4-10 Swamp vs the flying saucers (ufo level)
4-11 Fire in the swamp
4-12 The sixth element
4-13 Independence day
4-14 The terror from beyond the swamp
4-15 Little swamp of horrors (ufo level)
4-16 Not of this Earth
4-17 Swamp rim
4-18 Swampballs
4-19 The final frontier
4-20 The thing from another world (ufo level)
4-21 A trip to the swamp
4-22 The war of the swamp
4-23 The world's end
4-24 The mothership
5-1 It lives again... in the swamp!
5-2 The swamp blob
5-3 The fly returns
5-4 Lost in swamp
5-5 Swamp troopers (ufo level)
5-6 Savage swamp
5-7 Mutant piranha
5-8 Mutants
5-9 The incredible cow
5-10 The swamp thing (ufo level)
5-11 Swamp under siege
5-12 Mad monsters
5-13 Swamp of the damned
5-14 Raging Bob
5-15 Alone in the swamp (ufo level)
5-16 Revenge of the mutants
5-17 Strange swamp creatures
5-18 Please, don't eat my house
5-19 The swamp mist
5-20 Little swamp of monsters (ufo level)
5-21I amlegend in the swamp!
5-22 XY-man
5-23 Slime monsters
5-24 Beginning of the end
cutsceen: "1 year later"
6-1 Back to the swamp
6-2 In the boat!
6-3 Eaten alive
6-4 Swamp beast
6-5 Swamp invaders (ufo level)
6-6 Double Trouble
6-7 Death swamp
6-8 Awesome possum
6-9 Spooky swamp
6-10 World war SWAMP
6-11 Apocalypse again
6-12 Other trouble
6-13 Far encounters
6-14 Gone fishing
6-15 Smelly skunk (ufo level)
6-16 Mosquito invasion
6-17 Curse of the swamp monster
6-18 The legend returns
6-19 Singing in the swamp
6-20 Wild monsters (ufo level)
6-21 Fat & Furious
6-22 Lord of the swamp
6-23 Crossfire
6-24 The big one
7-1 The adventure continues
7-2 Evil upon us
7-3 Ballistic missile
7-4 Iron of doom
7-5 Metal dawn (ufo level)
7-6 Sucker
7-7 Abominable monsters
7-8 Damage machine
7-9 Wind Turbine
7-10 Swamp generations (ufo level)
7-11 The nightmare
7-12 Health apparatus
7-13 Swampbusters
7-14 Hair-rising monsters
7-15 Trial by machines (ufo level)
7-16 Amazing monsters
7-17 Hi voltage!
7-18 Machine park
7-19 Evil circuitry
7-20 Beast of the swamp (ufo level)
7-21 Dawn of the machines
7-22 Man-controlled monster
7-23 Machinery
7-24 Evil!
8-1 Evil aliens
8-2 Extraterrestrial vessel
8-3 Men in pink
8-4 Dark swamp
8-5 Illegal aliens (ufo level)
8-6 Battle beyond the swamp
8-7 Edge of yesterday
8-8 Evil blaster
8-9 Alien apocalypse
8-10 The invasion (ufo level)
8-11 Evil piano
8-12 Guardians of the swamp
8-13 Bear!
8-14 Evil game
8-15 Space aliens (ufo level)
8-16 Evil attacks!
8-17 The undiscovered swamp
8-18 Evil alien trespassers
8-19 Swamp: into darkness
8-20 Alien sightings (ufo level)
8-21 Space monster
8-22 Alien intruders
8-23 Alien ascending
8-24 The steel giant
9-1 Anticipation
9-2 Dreaming of memories
9-3 Swamp GP
9-4  The shape of weather
9-5 A secret program (ufo level)
9-6 A secret program
9-7 Group D
9-8 Team diving
9-9 Too early to get up
9-10 Too late to get back to sleep (ufo level)
9-11 Dangerous skies
9-12 Exothermic
9-13 Spa therapy
9-14 Global warming
9-15 Swamp park 11 (ufo level)
9-16 Well packed
9-17 Swamp runner
9-18 Miracle
9-19 Nursing course
9-20 Splitting personality (ufo level)
9-21 Spick and span
9-22 Overprotected
9-23 Heavy guns
9-24 Extreme shock
10-1 NO chemical plants here
10-2 Construction deconstruction
10-3 Preservation
10-4 Time management
10-5 On vacation (ufo level)
10-6 Working overtime
10-7 For the cause
10-8 The muscle
10-9 Integration
10-10 The art of swamp (ufo level)
10-11 Blob duster
10-12 Out of control
10-13 Under surveillance
10-14 Security patrol
10-15 Going with the flow (ufo level)
10-16 Dehelmetization
10-17 Site manager
10-18 Private pool
10-19 Mutant interference
10-20 Sharp teeth (ufo level)
10-21 Design-build
10-22 Carpenters
10-23 Execution plant
10-24 Demolition crew

Challenge Level titles

1 it was a nice evening
2 silent wittness
3 bubble bath
4 drag race
5 pigs can fly (I used up the 5 chili got for entering the challenge levels during the first five level, not sure if that was a good idea, might have been unnecessary)
6 no second chances
7 swampballs
8 do you feel lucky...?
9 polluted waters
10 alien mitosis
11 ...who needs enemies?
12 A-test polygon
13 things we hate the most
14 praying for rain
15 voodoo ritual
16 air force 21
17 elite party
18 fired maid
19 well do you...skunk?
20 special delivery
21 one-man band
22 show-off
23 invasion from inner swamp
24 catching fire
25 draining the swamp
26 judgment day
27 nightmare
28 fresh delivery
29 cocktail party
30 swampier swamp
31 make my day...
32 a swamp odissey
33 fall of the machines
34 important sign
35 stress management
36 more trouble (could only pass using a decanter. This was the second challenge level where I had to do this, the other was 30-something too, which had no special items)
37 on a rope
38 diversion
39 another dimension
40 muddy pool
41 perfect opportunity
42 feral (needed a decanter to finish it)

source of name of challenge levels (it gives you the basic setup and strategies for thelevels!): LINK


  1. i am just on episode 2, and i can't progress.

    to complete the level, i have to use explosives, and they are so costly, that i am now losing money.

    the rewards are so paltry, like in the range of 200 to 400, while the explosives i need cost much much more.

    and with that, i have no money left to buy or upgrade weapons, explosives or defenses.

    any suggestions?

    1. Batteries are the secret to swamp attack. When you unlock the battery option, upgrade it fully and stock up on heaps before each level. The other thing you should consider is upgrading the defense on your house and shotgun power. If you have no money left, click the star level underneath the main game screen (where the level starts off with you spinning a wheel to receive random guns and explosives) and just keep on playing these levels and build your money supply up. When you have lots of money, upgrade everything as already described and the game will become alot easier.

  2. Well, the beginning is tough, what you need is shotgun, and more shotgun (more shells, more impact in that order). It'll take an awful lot of grinding until you get alien gun/batteries.
    Cousin Roy is also priority once you get mosquitos, and spikes when you face piranhas.

    I just got the latest update of the game, going to upgrade right now.
    As the game reached its limit, and started to become Pay To Win, I think this'll be my last update for this.


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