Game of Thrones becomes the next Lost

(majd lefordítom magyarra is. Röviden arról van szó hogy a sorozat csak egy vallási propagandaműsor, ami a judaizmust akarja lenyomni a nézők torkán) Remember Lost, the series which started very good, and ended up forgotten? It was the result of one thing, and one thing only. While the series (Lost) faked itself a mystery show, it was actually nothing else as it turned out, but religious propaganda. And religion doesn't sell good. Religion as an average comes out with movies like Left Behind or God Is Not Dead. They are actually excellent movies in its target. They are completely ignorant on everything except one thing: praising their gawd. And they do that perfectly. But the general audience despise religion. God IS dead. Nothing else shows it better then the fate of Lost. In an interview the creator-duo of Lost explained they wanted to do "this good and bad thing, Satan and God, but leave to the audience to decide who they believe for". And the audience decided. The two options were either to believe to Jacob, the person who invented a game where Smoke had to kill everyone on the island, in which case you believe without any explanation that the Island is special OR you believed to Smoke that the Island is a (natural) resource which should be at least attempted to be explained, especially as he wanted nothing else but leave the Island which was a prison for him without crime committed, AND it was known Mother LIED about the Island all along, AND we saw with our own eyes she didn't even passed any knowledge to Jacob. The result was the disasterous drop in viewing counter - because people felt cheated, and saw Jacob nothing else but a delusioned murderous sect-leader. IF people would be believers of God (especially the judeo-christian diety), the series would have been a success. It was not. ------ Why did I told you this lengthy exposition? Because the same thing is happening in Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is an overexpensive soap-opera which can drag as long as it wants. C'mon, from out-of-nothing they just threw in a new all-important character in season 6 (episode 2)! Thus nothing prevents the show to go on for ever and become the next Dallas, or Beverly Hills 90210, or Melrose Place, or Baywatch. Even if not a single one of the original cast would remain, the show COULD keep going. The core shock-factor is already fast declining of course... But this is not why I'm writing this. I'm writing this because of the question: Game of WHAT Thrones? At the start it seemed obvious. It was the Starks against the Lannnisters. Then it turned to be all the Seven Kingdoms against each other, I mean their representative houses. Today any "minor" house could come forward and drag on a hundred more seasons or two. But that's still not where I wanna reach. Where I want to reach is The Head Sparrow. The Head Sparrow is member of no kingdom aside his god(s). He has no "throne" in sense of houses,yet he rules 'em all. And to be honest no House of the Seven Kingdoms Kingdom (what a ridiculous nomenclature the show has, eh?) could step up militarily currently. All the armies came and got destroyed. And even the original Houses are divided. There's no more the House of Starks for example. There's John Snow, and there's Sansa Stark (who should be dead as she played, sat on the Iron Throne AND LOST), and there's Aria "the assassin" Stark who no longer cares for her family (and slowly becomes A Woman), and Brandon Stark who does whatever in the service of now-Max von "Dune" Sydow (what's his relation with Gwendolyn Christie? Are they bed-mate? Why the show - again - could not keep its original actor?), and whoever the "too young Stark" is wherever he is. And this is just how fragmented the Starks are. So, as there are no more Nobel Houses, what's the situation? The situation is a War of Religions. What are the religions in Westeros (the continent on which the Seven Kingdoms Kingdom is)? And what Real Life religions they can be associated to? - Death (tagline: Valar Morgulis, primaly worshiped in Braavos): minor player, as it is a diety of another country on another continent entirely. Has no basis of followers anyway. - The Lord Light (prime follower: The Red Woman): Lord, Light, and burning heretics. This religion is christianity. - The Drowned God (prime follower: the Greyjoys): not much is known about this diety from the tv aside its name. Given it is already dead we can declare it is a minor player. Exclusively abreviated from the other religions likely represents Islam, which in the Middle Ages came outside of Europe, through sea, got blocked, and never spread beyond the Middle-East too much. - The Old Gods of the Forest (prime follower: none, maybe Brandon Stark): Given this religion is ancient, and has at best some uncivilized tribe (of lots of magic) they represent the Pagans, aka. anyone before and outside the judeochristian religions. - The Seven, aka. The New Gods (prime follower: The Head Sparrow, Varys): This we know the most of. They are currently the single most powerful religion in the country. They are armed and dangerous. They are obsessed by God's Law. Not the worship of God like the Lord Light, but the LAW of God. Their number is Seven, like the number of the God of the Bible's. They act as one entity, so we could say the Seven are actually a single entity. And we have their symbol. It started out as a flower in the middle of a thin, pointed star, but soon it got transformed to the Star of David. With seven tops, but nontheless. At one moment even the surrounding outer tops were taken down. Now they are widespread, and if a religion gets out of the bottle, and starts open massacres and torching people daylight, they are practically impossible to banish. And even if The Head Sparrow could be taken down, and the Faith could be disarmed - they proven they are just waiting for the next occasion. They are monsters - and even if you'd get rid of 'em, they'd still remain in power - through Varys. Varys and his sparrows are so deep in Daenerys' government - which is supposed to be supported by the Lord Light/christianity - that in case all Westeros falls (and with it The Dead Sparrow), then The Seven will remain in power through being Illuminati, Shadow Government. And the worst thing of all? Anyone wins the War of Religions anyway - we all loose.


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